what were you thinking about chasing after those cats. The owners have called the ANIMAL POLICE. You are now considered a fugitive. Please come back soon .

yours truly,




Please be on the lookout for a white dog. He is a small dog. Goes by the name of IKE . Please bring him back to 107 springfield, Snort city .




i,m so sorry for running after those cats. I stopped chasing them but the ANIMAL POLICE started running after me . I hitched a train to another city. I will be back soon.





MRS.LARUE has been reunited with her dog ike  after she got in her car and followed the train IKE was on . He is no longer considered a fugitive. But he is going back to obedience school.

The Zombie Attack

It was late a night when Savanah and her brother ,bobby were driving down a deserted highway. Suddenly Savanah had saw something walking in the woods by the highway. It started walking towards them. IT WAS A ZOMBIE! Quickly they got out of the car and ran into a ditch. The zombie had started looking for them. Savanah had realized that she had brought the pizza bag from the car and opened it and threw the pizzas at the zombie. Then the zombie ran away into the woods. They had defeated the zombie. THE END.

My Journey West


Dear Diary,

It is me  , day 2 of traveling west. So far it has been   hard . My friend Amayiahs family got captured by indians, we have not seen them since. My family has very few pervisions , our wagon has broke down and my papa has gotten sick from the cold weather. My papa wanted to go to the new boomtown because people claim there is a gold rush. My brother keeps anoying me by playing cowboy and pretending he has a bronco. Papa says when we get there that we will build a log cabin, but me and mama thinks that will take forever. Our family is worried that we wont make it , but we will.




Fransis Marion

Was  commisioned captain in the 2nd south carolina regiment

he is known as the swamp fox

he was a Military officer

great partisan leader


Battle Of Camden

Swamp Fox was a patriot

was elected to south carolina provicial congress

who does not wear one face to hide another