9-11 Reflections

photo credit:http://coastguard.dodlive.mil/tag/911/

The day of 9-11 was a very sad day. though it knocked us down we still got back up and invaded their country, we still go to their country to keep the terrorist there .

The people of New York ,and the Pentagon  ,and anybody  on the  three planes thought of it as a regular day .But Three plans headed for different places , Then 5 hijackers took over the 1st plane and changed directions towards the New York Trade Center  in the North tower. At first everyone thought it was an  accident , but then the 2nd plane hit the South tower and people started to realized that  this was no accident. Then the other plane hit the pentagon. The the 3rd was hijacked and was headed for the White House but 4 very brave men and women  stopped the hijackers and the plane hit a field  in Pennsylvania,  no one lived. So we remember that day in honor and in hope that  know one will ever do that again .


Life in 5th Grade

5th grade is really fun and busy. You are  always working but, lucky for me I like work .You have a lot of freedom in 5th grade.  you’re allowed to  sit wear you want in 5th grade at lunch. You have all 5 teachers so, you only get 1 hour in each class.I’m looking forward to being the oldest in the building but, I’m not looking forward to going into 6th grade.I’m also  looking forward to not having such a long day because  you only have a hour in each class so, your day goes by really quick . I’m also looking forward to not having any homework. It’s really easy to get a mark though so, you have to be on your best behavior . Recess is also very important because it’s your last year of recess because in 6th grade you don’t have recess. But the most thing I am looking forward to is passing 5th grade because if I fail I won’t be able  to be with my friends.