My hobby

My mom always says ,”honey I think you should just focus on softball because you are really good and you love it and who knows, you might get a scholarship to college”.

Softball interest  me because i could get a scholarship to college

Bessie Colman really wanted her pilots licence but nobody would accept her so, she had to go all the way to france to get her licence . I’ll do that any day to get a scholarship to college.My sister is really good at hair and make up and she went to college for cosmetics. That proves that’s her hobby .

Softball interest  me because it’s fun.

My parents always say to me “don’t think of it like a competition   , think of it like game , and that’s what makes it fun .

Softball is fun because my team is made up of my friends and we all have fun together. I love softball because I am good.

I once  hit the ball out of the fence and I also have a cannon for ann arm. To be good at softball you have to pay attention  and practice.

Softball interest  me because I’m good and it’s fun . Someday I  hope to here your interest  and talents with me.