The Crazy Dream

It was a dark and scary Halloween night. A witch lay dead at a grave yard. Bobby Micfadden was out on a stroll and came across the dead witch. He was not sure what it was. He walked up to the witch and out of no were the witch jumped up screamed in his face , knocked him out and snatched him up. She took him to her secret underground cupboard. Bobby Micfaden was only 14 at the time. He was fixing to wake up soon so she had to hurry to tie him up well. “what? were am I” said Bobby. “why my darling you’re in my secret underground cupboard” said the witch.’ you won’t get away with this,” said Bobby. The witch got her spell book and put a memory spell on Bobby. Bobby’s parents were back at the house freaking out. They thought of calling the police , but decided not to.They went out on their own.They went out into the woods.Then they came upon a hole, they fell into the hole. they found Bobby and then took him to their house. “Bobby are you ok” said Mom .”yes” Bobby.”Bobby its time wake up for school” said mom. “ok” said tired Bobby. “that was a weird dream” said Bobby.





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