Life in 5th Grade

5th grade is really fun and busy. You are  always working but, lucky for me I like work .You have a lot of freedom in 5th grade.  you’re allowed to  sit wear you want in 5th grade at lunch. You have all 5 teachers so, you only get 1 hour in each class.I’m looking forward to being the oldest in the building but, I’m not looking forward to going into 6th grade.I’m also  looking forward to not having such a long day because  you only have a hour in each class so, your day goes by really quick . I’m also looking forward to not having any homework. It’s really easy to get a mark though so, you have to be on your best behavior . Recess is also very important because it’s your last year of recess because in 6th grade you don’t have recess. But the most thing I am looking forward to is passing 5th grade because if I fail I won’t be able  to be with my friends.

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